Feisty Fitness Co. is an official Pleaser retailer! Come visit the studio to see what styles we have in stock or see options below available to ship πŸ’•

Custom Glitter Heels

These eye catching creations are handmade weekly and ready to ship πŸ“¦

Our custom heels are designed and created by Courtney Vaughan. Each pair is handmade, unique, and ready to ship. We do not offer custom orders at this time due to each pair requiring a lengthy amount of time to produce. Follow us on Instagram @feisty.fitness to see when the next ready-to-ship pair will drop.


Our heels are glittered by hand and sealed to a textured or high-gloss finish (depending on the style) and DO NOT shed any glitter. This is what makes our heels unique and sets us apart from other custom heel designers. The sealing process is extremely labor intensive and requires many coats. There is also up to a 30 day cure time after the heels are sealed, depending on the sealing method used. We use various sealing methods depending on the style offered.

Please keep in mind that these shoes may contain minor imperfections, as each pair is handcrafted. It is not an easy task to take a product that has already been assembled at the factory and modify it after the fact. The heels you receive direct from the manufacturer are glittered before the shoe is assembled, which is infinitely easier to do since you do not have to protect or tape off the straps, sole, heel point, etc. and you do not have to worry about anything bleeding through the tape. Its is nearly impossible to prevent the sealer from bleeding onto the insole of the shoe around the edges that are not covered by the straps. This is not obvious on black insoled heels, but can be on lighter colored insoles. We will do our best to photograph and disclose any visible imperfections prior to shipping the shoe to you. Each shoe is listed for sale individually, so the listed price for any shoe reflects any visible imperfections that exist.


We use Pleaser brand heels so you should order whatever size you wear in that particular style of Pleasers. If you have never tried on Pleasers you can visit your nearest adult entertainment store to try on a pair if they are in stock. Please make sure you order the correct size. If you order the wrong size we will not be able to offer you a shoe in a different size, so an exchanges are not possible. As a policy, we do not offer sizing recommendations. See some sizing info below from Pleaser’s website:

How do you convert between men’s and women’s?

The difference is 2 sizes. If you are a men’s 10 then you would need a women’s 12. If you are a women’s 10 you need a men’s 8.

Do you carry half-sizes?

We do not carry half sizes. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Are your shoes in US or UK sizes?

Our shoes are displayed in US sizes. You can convert them with our size chart.

Styles & Finishes

We offer various handcrafted, original designs that are sealed to two different finishes: Liquid and Shimmer. Both finishes are glossy, however our Shimmer finish is coated with less layers so the texture of the glitter can be seen through the finish. The liquid finish is coated with many layers resulting in a smooth, glossy finish.


Our Liquid Heels are sealed to a smooth, high-gloss finish. Designs in this style are pricier, as they can require up to 15 layers of sealer to get them to that lustrous, smooth liquid finish. Designs offered in this style are more complex and may include decals and other embellishments. These heels are priced at $175 and up.


Our Shimmer Heels are sealed to a rough, glossy finish. These designs are glittered and sealed with just enough layers to ensure the glitter will not shed, but they will not have a smooth finish like our Liquid heels. Designs in this style are simpler and may contain only one or two colors of glitter. These heels are priced at $125 and up.


Our pricing is reflective of the materials, labor hours, and difficulty involved in creating a particular design. Some styles are cheaper than others, and that would indicate that the design was easier to produce. Some designs only require a couple layers each of glitter and sealer. These shoes may be more simplistic in design and have a textured, glossy finish. Other designs may have multiple layers and colors of glitter and up to 15 layers of sealer, and may also include decals. These are extremely labor intensive to produce. Our Salty Sunset style, for example, takes a week to produce from start to finish, as multiple layers of glitter and sealer are involved and adequate dry time must be accommodated between each subsequent layer.

Care Instructions

Please treat your heels as you would any other decorative shoe. While they do not shed glitter and have a hard glossy coating, they are still subject to scratching and chipping if you are too hard on them. It is recommended that you avoid clacking or sliding on them, and use a shoe protector whenever possible while dancing in them. Shoe protectors are sold by various vendors on Etsy. Be aware that the clear coating on your shoes needs up to 30 days to cure and fully harden. Your shoes will be dry to the touch but may not be fully cured when you receive them, so make sure to be extra careful with them until they are cured. They will be more prone to scratches during this time. You will receive a card in your shoe box with care instructions and the date at which your shoes will be fully cured.

Refunds & Shipping

Due to the custom nature of our shoes, we are not able to offer refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you have an issue with your shoes please contact us immediately so we can assist you. The customer will be responsible for all shipping fees associated with an order, and shipping fees are non-refundable. Please make sure you order the correct size. If you order the wrong size we will likely not be able to exchange your shoe for a different size in that same style and design.

Feisty Fitness Co. is not responsible for packages lost or stolen during shipping. We do not have any control over the package once it leaves our facility. If you have an issue with your order during shipping or delivery please contact the mail courier or delivery service directly.


SIZE 8 — PURPLE CRYSTAL ANKLE BOOTS 7″ (178mm) Heel, 2 3/4″ (70mm) Platform Lace-Up Front Ankle Boot Featuring Chrome Plated Platform Bottom and Allover Blanketed Rhinestone Embellishments on the Upper, Inner Side Zip Closure


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