Courtney Vaughan

Hobby Aerialist and Small Business Owner

I began my pole fitness journey in 2013 and I have been addicted to aerial arts ever since. When I first began my journey I was focused on the strength aspect of the aerial arts, but I soon learned that it is referred to as aerial arts for a reason — the artistry is what captivates people.

I started Feisty Fitness to share my space with fellow aerial artists and enthusiasts. I have a full time career in the healthcare industry so I am not a full time studio owner like most. I like to say that I don’t have clients, I have fellow aerial artists that that I aim to inspire and collaborate with at any stage of their aerial journey. My focus is teaching choreography, strength and flexibility training, and technique. I have learned over the years that mastering increasingly difficult tricks is not all there is to this art. As an aerialist [and first time mom] over the age of 35 I have learned to listen to my body and minimize injury to preserve my practice. The day I decided to stop chasing the next new trick and focus on perfecting my movement and performance quality was they day I really began to grow as an aerialist.

Another goal of mine is to provide photography and videography services that are accessible to everyone, and not just reserved for special occasions due to the high cost. There is nothing more uplifting than seeing or being able to share stunning and artfully constructed photos of oneself, or to be able to document your progress throughout your fitness or aerial journey. I have always wished that I could have professional photos of myself, but booking a photographer has always been a daunting task for me for various reasons. See the Photography page for more info on how a photo/video session with me is unique.

Most importantly, I wanted to create a space that allows my clients to actualize the best version of themselves, while also providing me with motivation to do the same. The studio is a tranquil escape where you can focus on yourself. As a new mom I understand that time to yourself is scarce, so why not make the most of that precious time? I hope to see you in the studio soon so we can motivate and inspire one another.

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