Dreaming of performing? Join us for our next group performance 💋

Do you have aspirations of performing pole, dance, sling, or lyra on a stage but are too nervous to take the leap? Group performances are a great way to enter into the performance world without the anxieties associated with performing solo. Group performances also tend to offer more entertainment value for the audience, with themes, costuming, and creativity playing a huge role in that. If you would be interested in performing at pole showcases in the Tampa Bay area send a message via the contact page and I will reach out to you personally. See FAQs below:

Where will the practices be held?

Practices will be held at Feisty Fitness Co. in Tarpon Springs. The private studio is equipped with 15ft ceilings, floor length mirrors, and multiple aerial apparatuses. There are 2-45mm static/spin stainless steel poles, a 38″ single point tab lyra, and a sling/hammock (both rigged with swivels).

Where will the group be performing?

Group routines will be produced for both in-person and pre-recorded virtual pole showcases, as well as for social media. Some of the most well known showcases in the area we will likely apply for are Bad to the Chrome and Pole Love at Buttercup Pole Dance in Tampa. Dance Filthy, Pole for a Purpose, and PoleCon are also occasionally held in the Tampa Bay area. Virtual Pole Showcases are hosted by PoleCon, Studio Neesheta (a local studio), as well as many others.

What if I do not know how to do certain moves or tricks?

Choreography will be custom catered to each participant’s strengths and will contain a combination of dance and pole, and occasionally sling or lyra solos in the group routine depending on the skillsets of the participants.

When are the practice session and what if I miss one?

Practice sessions will be as flexible as possible, with Zoom live streaming and/or pre-recorded options available for practices that you are unable to attend in-person.

Are we guaranteed a performance spot in the showcases?

Application to a pole showcase typically requires a video submission of your routine or a representative performance. This means that we will need to have routines ready to go when submissions open up for various showcases, so there is a chance that our submission will not be chosen to perform. If this happens the routine will be submitted to another showcase or filmed for social media instead.

What costs/fees are associated with participating in a performance with FEISTY Dance Troupe?

Participants will be responsible for purchasing their own costumes, which will vary in cost depending on the theme, however an effort will be made to locate the most cost effective options for costuming.

Participants will be responsible for paying their own entry fees to the performance/showcase venue. If there is a single fee for the entire group it will be divided by the number of participants.

The registration fee to join a FEISTY Dance Troupe performance is $25. This will reserve your spot in the routine and allow you access to the studio to practice during scheduled rehearsal times.

How many performance pieces will be created per year?

The amount of performance pieces that will be created will depend upon participation as well as the availability of in-person and virtual pole showcases. Ideally to start, I would like to perform 1 to 2 in-person performances as well as 2 or more performances for virtual showcases or social media. Routines may be entered into one or more showcase if the theme fits, and new participants are welcome to learn the routine and participate at subsequent entries.

Can I learn new tricks during practices for the performance?

High difficulty/dangerous tricks will not be taught for performances by Feisty Fitness Co. at this time. If you would like me to work in a specific trick to the performance piece you will need to already have it mastered before the first practice. There are several pole studios in the Tampa Bay area that have experienced pole fitness instructors that can assist you with learning new tricks.

Will there be try-outs or will everyone who applies be able to perform with FEISTY Dance Troupe?

Open spots for any routine will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You will reserve your spot in a routine by paying your $25 registration fee. The only time a participant would be turned away for a particular performance would be if we have already exceeded the maximum number of entrants for that piece. There may also be back-ups and alternates accepted, depending on participation.

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