Don’t wait! Your fitness and aerial journey deserves to be documented every step of the way 📸

Do you want to feel beautiful and have the pictures to prove it? Does your significant other take the worst possible photos of you? Same girl, same. Book a photo session and get some bomb-ass photos and/or videos of yourself for personal use or to share on your social media sites.

Feisty Fitness Co. offers a unique photography experience in that our primary focus is content creation for the client. Therefore we do not use water marks or prohibit our images from being edited or filtered by the client. They are your photos and we believe you should be able to do what you want with them. We offer performance style candid photos for those clients who prefer not to do stagnant poses. Candid photos appear more natural and capture your personality more than posed photos.

PRO Photography Mini Sessions

1 hour mini photoshoot at the studio for $60! Includes unlimited unedited photos taken during the shoot as well as 5 photo edits (minor edits and color corrections only). Indoor and outdoor photo opportunities available. There is no additional cost to receive unedited photos; all content is included in the session price. No watermarks are added to photos or restrictions imposed on editing/filtering done by the customer.


Why should photoshoots only be reserved for special occasions? Your fitness and/or aerial journey deserves to be documented every step of the way! There is nothing more rewarding than documenting your aerial journey, and having incredible photos to share on social media, or to keep just for yourself.

  • Good photographers are usually expensive. While I understand and respect the value photographers have put on their time, it has prevented me from capturing irreplaceable moments in my life because I couldn’t justify the cost. My goal is to eliminate this barrier for my clients so they can enjoy beautiful photos of themselves any time they want to, and not just for special occasions.
  • Photographers often charge multiple additional fees that are unclear at the time of your shoot, and you can feel pressured to purchase extras and add-ons. Some photographers charge a fee just for the session itself — and receiving the photographs is an additional charge, as well as offering pricey products and prints that you feel pressured to purchase. My pricing is simplified, transparent, and I do not sell any products.
  • Photographer’s typically won’t provide value options for clients. I do respect this as a business decision, but for me, I am able to provide cheaper alternatives to what is referred to as ‘professional’ photography. I have taken gorgeous photos on my iPhone 13 PRO that even seasoned photographers have had difficulty spotting as a cell phone camera image. In addition, I can provide cheaper sessions when no editing is involved. The majority of the images in my portfolio are unedited images.
  • Most photographers do not want any editing done to their images or filters added by the client. I encourage my clients to edit and add filters to their images as they please. We all have different opinions on what looks pleasing to the eye, and I believe my client’s know this for themselves better than anyone else ever could. My only focus is creating images for my clients that make them feel beautiful. I believe that the subject is just as important as the photographer in creating art through photographs.

Contact us here for inquiries about professional photography or videography services 📲

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