Courtney’s introduction to pole fitness began in 2013 after she came across a video of a competitive poler doing a contemporary routine with impressive feats of flexibility and strength. She started her pole journey only focusing on tricks but eventually took the leap to dance classes and never looked back. She discovered that there is artistic freedom in every form of the sport, and eventually added lyra and sling to her aerial practice. Her teaching style is heavily focused on proper technique and conditioning to help you navigate your own personal pole and aerial journey.


While Pana’s fitness journey began as a rock climber, her physical strength was not enough to battle how uncomfortable she felt in her own body. Little did she know, the pole gods had a plan for her. She happened upon a local pole studio which provided a safe space to discover her true self. Since then, she has continued growing through various forms of aerial arts as well as hand balancing, ballroom, contemporary, rings, movement, animal flow, calisthenics, and functional strength. 


Sienna has a dance background since childhood including ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, and contemporary. She began her pole journey in 2019 and fell in love with the power, strength, flexibility, and artistry of pole. Her focus is to build the strength, flexibility, and basic technique so you can progress and let your creativity flow and build confidence. 


From gymnastics to diving to pole vault to AERIAL! Megan has been teaching aerial hoop for 2+ years. She is a technology consultant by day, where the most creative thing she does is design PowerPoint presentations and add bold text to her emails (if she’s feeling lucky / feisty that day). Aerial, especially lyra and pole dance, have allowed her to express herself and disconnect from the daily grind. No client commitments, meetings or unreasonable expectations – just her and the hoop/pole (and usually an awesome instructor). I hope your lyra journey with her fuels your soul the same way it does mine!


Hello, I’m Jane. I chose this easy alias because you’ll probably have a hard time pronouncing my real name, Yevheniia. I’m from beautiful Ukraine. In our country, pole dance is highly developed. I have been in this sport for almost 10 years, 8 of which I have been teaching, took part in competitions twice. I love both pole options and can teach you how to perform various tricks in static and dynamic modes.

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