New to pole? Sign up for this small group class and come see what pole fitness is all about! 💕

In this small group class you will be introduced to beginner pole dance & tricks, as well as conditioning for moving up to the intermediate level. This class is for beginners and individuals who have never taken a pole class. Please be aware that if all 4 spots are booked you will be sharing a pole with one other student. Heels are optional for this class and can be rented by selecting the heel rental add-on during booking. More challenging pole tricks will be performed in bare feet for safety reasons. See our FAQ page for more info.

Recommended attire for pole:

  • sports bra
  • short shorts – the shorter the better
  • knee pads
  • any additional layers you would like to wear and remove as needed (i.e. leggings, tees, etc.)
  • heels (optional)


Classical ballet barre warm up and stretch just like the ballerinas do! This is not a pilates class masquerading as a barre class — this is the real deal! 🩰

Barre may be a warmup for ballerinas, but for most of us it is a workout. In this small group class we will do a classical barre warm up followed by a barre or floor stretch. We may also practice turns and leaps across the floor, as well as pirouette conditioning. Experience in ballet is not required for this session and the curriculum is well suited for adult beginners of all ages.

The instructor, Courtney, has 5 years of experience in adult ballet and 2 years of adult beginner pointe. She believes that people of all ages should be able to benefit from the foundations of ballet training, an activity that has been historically reserved for children and prima ballerinas. She discovered ballet as an adult and instantly recognized the positive impact it had on her mobility, posture, endurance, and flexibility. Training in ballet technique can have a huge impact on your form in your aerial practice as well. Getting those beautiful lines becomes easier the more you train good form into your body through muscle memory.

Ballet barre may be taken in socks or soft ballet shoes (no pointe shoes). Leotard and tights are not required, however tight fitting clothing is recommended so that you can see if your form is correct during each movement. You can also book a private training session for ballet barre and stretch here, if you prefer.


Come dance with us at twilight 🌙 to various songs from the Twilight movie soundtrack!


In this choreography-based small group class you will learn a short pole dance routine that incorporates at least one beginner/intermediate pole trick, one spin, and one floor trick. These tricks will be taught at the beginning of class and will be combined into a short dance routine in the second half of the class. This class involves pole sharing depending on class size. To see what choreography/routine is being taught currently visit our Instagram page. This class is offered on a limited basis so please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see when it will be available to book. It is recommended that you take at least 3 beginner private lessons before attending this class. You can sign up for a private beginner pole lesson here.

Recommended attire for this class is short shorts and a sports bra. You may layer clothing over this as desired, for comfort. Some tricks require more skin showing than others so that you will stick to the pole and not slide down, however if you are not comfortable showing any skin, modifications to the routine will be provided so that you can still participate. Depending on the song choice and style of dance being taught, heels or bare feet may be preferred, but heels are never required for any class. Heels can rented in sizes 6-11 for $6, subject to availability.

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