The Studio


Feisty Fitness Co. is a privately owned studio that is located on a residential agricultural property at 660 Old East Lake Rd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688.

The studio boasts a bright, bohemian vibe during the day due to it’s light finishes and expansive 10ft tall sliding glass doors that overlook a 1.5 acre field and a gorgeous, sprawling Live Oak tree. At night, the custom stage lighting transforms the space into a dark, sultry escape that sets the perfect tone for you to explore sensual movement.


  • 15 ft ceilings
  • Laminate wood flooring throughout
  • 8ft tall mirrors that extend to floor level
  • 2 aerial rigs with swivels and electronically adjustable height (no ladder required!)
  • 2 sound reactive LED light bars and 1 LED Par light
  • 2 Bluetooth sound bars
  • 75″ wall mounted TV
  • Fully air conditioned with adjustable temp by request
  • Free WiFi


  • Two 45mm stainless steel static/spin poles
  • One 38″ taped single tab lyra and one 37″ powder coated tabless lyra with 6ft or 4ft spanset
  • Three slings with varying amounts of stretch: Shine fabric (minimal stretch), Bounce fabric (medium-stretch), and Interlock fabric (high-stretch)
  • 8″ thick aerial crash mat
  • Pole crash mat
  • Stall bars (Swedish ladder)
  • Freestanding ballet barre
  • 2 folding chairs for chair dance
  • TRX straps
  • Resistance bands
  • Foam Rollers
  • Stability balls
  • Extra thick foam floor mat
  • Yoga wheel, mats, and various yoga accessories