Services offered for adults (ages 18+) only:

  • Beginner private pole & aerial lessons (1-4 people)
  • Private open studio rental (1-4 people)
  • Private strength and flexibility sessions (1-4 people)
  • Aerial performance creative, technique, and choreography collaboration
  • See below for more details about our services:


Beginner private lessons are offered for 1-4 people in pole dance, lyra, and sling/yoga hammock. These lessons are suitable for beginner students only and will focus on strength training and conditioning, and learning individual tricks or choreography in either pole, lyra, sling, or yoga hammock. The content of the lesson is completely up to you and can include any of the following:

  • Intro to pole, lyra, or sling
  • Yoga hammock (low-restorative practice)
  • Strength training and conditioning for aerial arts
  • Pole and floor dance choreography

Recommended attire

You may wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but recommended attire for pole classes is a sports bra and booty shorts. In order to perform most pole tricks, you must have your bare skin touching the pole so you will stick in place and not slide down the pole. If you are not comfortable showing that much skin you do not have to; your lesson will be custom catered to focus only on moves that can be performed in full coverage clothing. Pole classes may be taken in heels, socks, or bare feet. Knee pads are strongly recommended for pole and floor dance.

For sling and lyra the recommended attire is yoga pants and a shirt with short or long sleeves. Bare feet or socks only for lyra, sling, and yoga hammock – no heels. It is best to wear layers so you can remove and add clothing as needed.

Don’t have heels? We’ve got you covered!

Pleaser® heels are available to rent in studio for $6 (sizes 6 -11). Renting a pair during your session is a great way to try before you buy or just to see how you like dancing in them. Please bring a clean pair of socks to your session if you intend to rent a pair of heels.


In these sessions we will focus on bodyweight strength training and conditioning, as well as increasing your mobility and flexibility. The content of the session is custom catered to your preferences and can include any of the following:

  • Strength training and conditioning for aerial arts
  • Grounded (non-aerial) exercises
  • Yoga hammock for conditioning and flexibility
  • Ballet barre and stretch
  • Backbend and shoulder mobility training
  • Front and middle split flexibility training
  • Handstands, headstands, forearm stands, and shoulder stands


Private open studio sessions are available daily, and you can invite up to 3 friends to join your private session for an additional [per person] fee. Instruction will not be provided during these sessions. Click here to see a detailed description of the studio and equipment available to use during your 2 hour session.

Virtual lessons from other studios and instructors may be taken during open studio time. You can bring our own laptop or use the studio laptop to log into your lesson. An HDMI cable is hardwired to the 75″ wall mounted TV so your virtual lesson can be viewed on a much larger screen.


Do you have an upcoming aerial performance or gig but nowhere to practice? Stuck on choreography? Need help cleaning the routine? Whether you haven’t started your routine at all or you have the whole thing finished, we can help! We provide the following services:

  • Open studio time for practicing your routine, equipped with two 12+ ft tall spin/static poles and two 12+ ft tall aerial rigs for lyra and sling with instant electronic adjustable height (get the perfect height for your lyra, sling, or hammock with the push of a button, without stepping foot on a ladder!). The studio space and aerial rigs are completely indoors and fully air conditioned.
  • Concept and choreography creation/collaboration – we can assist you with your concept and choreography in any capacity, and regardless of our contribution to your routine (big or small), we do not require credit for any part of your performance. It is your performance and your hard work on the stage, and we only aim to facilitate your talent and creativity.
  • Cleaning/technique – we will watch your routine and provide real-time feedback on areas that need to be cleaned (i.e. toes pointed, legs straightened, face relaxed, etc.).
  • If there is anything we forgot to mention, just ask us! This service is custom-catered to your needs.

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